What size frames do I need

Panto glasses are by definition not so big frames. #47 is the “one size fits all”. If you have a small face, if you prefer the smallest size or have strong glasses, the #45 is available in some models. #49 is the choice if you prefer a rather big Panto. Even bigger sizes than 49… Continue reading What size frames do I need

Adjust frames

To adjust the length of the temples, the easiest is to visit an optician. They are the experts. You MAY also heat it the end of the temple with warm water or with a hair dryer, but there is a risk of breaking it or burning it if you hold the air stream too long… Continue reading Adjust frames

Where are the frames produced?

The frames are designed in Norway, based on classic shapes of panto from old times and more modern models. Produced by some of Chinas highest quality manufacturers.

Difference between titanium and steel

The rimless frames in the PantoGlasses collection are made of 100% titanium. Super thin and ultra light, although strong. Allergy free. The Oxford metal frames are made with Stainless Steel, both the silver and the gold colored one. Some of these are fitted with a Windsor ring in acetate, which is the original true panto… Continue reading Difference between titanium and steel

Difference between plastic and acetate

Standard plastic frames for reading glasses are only used for cheap frames with lower quality. The PantoGlasses (cellulose) acetate frames are cut and polished to expose the deep true color of the material. All our models are CE certified.

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