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This is a VERY important point. There are few people who really know what is the word panto. However, when explaining, very many will recognize, understand and remember. To spread the word “WHAT IS PANTO” is probably the most important part of any marketing I can do

Paying online.

Here I will show in words and by Loom how to do the payment, inform about PayPal and how to do when you do not have PayPa


Inform about the two shipping alternatives, time frame and costs – what is included

Discount 3 for 2

Important for me and for the customers to get the message through that 3 for 2 is a very interesting offer. It is a good discount, but also very interesting aesthetically and practically to have more than one pair of glasses for different occasions and use. Also, people need a pair of progressive, a pair… Continue reading Discount 3 for 2

Virtual Try-on

Since the customers in moist cases can not try the glasses on physically, it is important that they are comfortable with the virtual Try-on. Sharing, saving and studying photos needs to be communicated.


How to understand the prescription from the optician or ophthalmologist? The importance of having the eyes tested by professionals on a regular basis and how often? What is SPH, CYL, AXE, ADD and PD?

Measure PD

This is important and we already have a good user manual for this. WHY measure PD and what if this measure is not included on the prescription?


What are prisms? Most of the time prismatic correction is an expensive addition to the cost of glasses. At Panto Glasses the difference is not much ..


Explaining astigmatism. No extra cost ..


For people 45 years or older, special reading glasses are needed to see clearly on short distances. For this a pair of reading glasses may be used like with an add of 1,50D. However, the client will see everything in far distance very blurred when wearing these. Progressive lenses are the solution to the problem.… Continue reading PROGRESSIVE

Reading glasses

What is ADD/Addition from the prescription? How is it connected to reading/working distance? How to calculate YOUR power of reading glasses?

Computer glasses

The major difference between the power of reading glasses and computer glasses is the distance the glasses will be used for. The actual and direct power is the inverse distance measured in meters (1 divided by distance from the eyes to the computer measured in meters, e.g. 1:0,66=1,50) ) to get the ADD for computer… Continue reading Computer glasses

Special distance

As for the example of computer glasses. If you are a goldsmith welding metal at 25cm distance, the ADD is 1:0,25=4. If you are a violin player and the distance to the music stand, the ADD is 1:1=1

PH – Pupil height

The center of the far distance part of the lenses should be centered in front of the eye. Accordingly the distance (PH) from the lower part of the lens to this center is used for fitting the lenses when the optician make the actual glasses. For the Panto Glasses. Where all lenses have the well… Continue reading PH – Pupil height

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