Where to get prescription

The optician, optometrist or opthalmolog are the experts on eye examinations. When you do the test, you pay for their skilled work, and the result, the prescription is you property – or a copy of it.

Explain prescription

The prescription is the description of the refraction needed to give you an optimal vision. It is described in diopters (D), with a minus – first for those who are myopic/shortsighted, a plus + for those who are hyperopic/farsighted. Addition (add) for the difference between far distance vision and reading vision is always starting with… Continue reading Explain prescription

Can I use contact lens prescription for glasses

No, most of the time not directly. The refraction of the light is slightly different in contact lenses and glasses, and the fact that a lens has no distance to the eye/cornea also gives a slightly different result – the bigger difference the higher the strength.

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