Panto E-Gift-Card. The value of a complete pair of Panto Glasses, with prescription- neutral- or sun-glasses. If the customer wants more expensive glasses, they only pay for the intermediary


E-GIFT CARD with the value of a complete pair of Panto Glasses, including quality HMC prescription glasses, sunglasses or “fashion-only glasses”



    The ideal present! This can be a gift for special days or occasions, like a birthday or Christmas.
    It is for anyone who would appreciate a pair of cool sunglasses, prescription glasses, or just adding the Panto-image to their style.
    The PantoGlasses E-GIFT CARD will be sent with additional information.
    The card can not be trades for cash. The unique number of your E-Gift-Card should be entered in the cell for Coupon-code, when completing the purchase in the cart.