3 for 2


Whether you select prescription glasses or non-prescription glasses, with or without sunglasses, you will get the pair with the lowest price for FREE when you buy 3 pairs in one order

These are among the alternatives:

  • different colors or style of glasses to different outfits
  • clear glasses, sunglasses and mirror glasses
  • one pair for distance, one for reading and one for special near distance use
  • progressive glasses, single vision computer glasses and reading glasses
  • glasses for sports, business and the beach
  • ultralight and «invisible» rimless titanium glasses, cool (brown?) acetate frames and the classic golden stainless steel Oxford model with brown Windsor rings

How many jackets, dresses, and shoes do you have? How many different pairs of glasses?

Typically there are so many people who will use the same pair of glasses for sports, work and
when they use their coolest and most fancy clothes.

The “3 for 2” is automatically registered when you place your order for 3 or more pairs.

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