-> Optician Geir Sivertzen, the man behind Panto Glasses, earned his craft certificate in 1983, as his father did before him in 1956, by creating the Panto model Oxford from scratch. This included technical drawings, soldering and manufacturing of the Panto model, starting with rolls of wire, and finally grinding the optical glasses by hand.

-> Panto glasses were the quintessential masculine eyewear of the 1950s and 1960s and they gained enormous popularity in the 1980s when everybody owned a pair. Since then the Panto model Oxford disappeared from the market, until recently. The Panto is now considered an established modern classic.

-> www.pantoglasses.com is bringing Panto back to the market!

panto 1
Panto SInce 1956 hor compressor

->  The Panto is a model that per definition should be rather small. All models are available in #47, which basically is the “one size fits all”. Some of the models are also available in #45 and #49.The number corresponds with the width of the glass in millimeter.The critical parameter of the true Panto is the rounded (although not circular) shape of the optical glass, designed by combining 6 radiuses. This shape and the smaller sizes contribute to light weight and thin smooth edges of the glasses.

->  Panto glasses are often used by artists, intellectuals, students and business people. Quite a few celebrities have been wearing Panto over the years, such as John Lennon, Harrison Ford (as Indiana Jones), Johnny Depp, Kristen Stewart and Eric Clapton.


Panto glasses technical drawings
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